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AWT Money Market Fund

AWT Money Market Fund


AWT Money Market Fund focus on providing investors with a steady stream of Government securities and shorter tenure investments. The fund invest in short term Government securities, debt instruments and deposits with banks.

Fund Objective

The objective of AWT Money Market Fund, an open-end Money Market Scheme, is to generate competitive returns by investing in short term Government Securities and debt instruments as approved by SECP from time to time. 

Fund Details
Fund Type Open End
Category Money Market scheme
Inception Date 12th April 2016
Pricing Mechanism Forward
Benchmark 70% 3 month PKRV rates plus 30% 3 month average deposit rate of three AA rated schedule bank as selected by MUFAP.
Management Co. Rating AM3++ by PACRA (4th Aug 2023)
Fund Stability Rating AA+(f)by PACRA (13-Oct-23)
Management Fee 0.2% to 1% within allowed limit of expense ratio.
Load 0% (Front-end) 0% (Back-end)
Risk Profile Low
Listing Pakistan Stock Exchange
Trustee Central Depository Company of Pakistan Ltd
Auditor Yousaf Adil (Chartered Accountant)
Legal Advisor Rizwan Faiz Associates
Fund Manager Wahaj Ahmed
Minimum Investment PKR. 1000